On 2016



2016 has been good, regardless of what people say about it. It has been the year I discovered more about myself, the people around me and the world in general. The Following post will talk about some of the things I learned this past year. Let’s get started.

1. God oh God!

Man, He has shown himself to be the most amazing friend throughout the highs and the lows. Every time anything would crush me down, he showed me that unless he says that it is the end, it will never be the end.

2. There will always be chaos 

Yes, I said it. Whether it is about political conflicts, health issues, or even family problems, something has to go wrong. And if everything seems right at this moment, believe me, it is just a matter of time. Now do not get me wrong I am not a negative person. What makes it different is the way you react in times of chaos or as i like to say it in “911 situations”.

3. Culture can sometimes be something that stands in your way from greatness

I am going to explain myself on this one. Talking specifically to my Burundian & Rwandan readers. We’ve always been told to be calm down, to not do too much. Maybe it is not explicitly said but it is somehow implied. Speaking about your accomplishment, about what you can do, is seen as a sign of arrogance. At the same time, reaching out for help is a sign of weakness. For a person who has been living outside of the motherland for quite some time, I’ve come to realize that if you do not speak for yourself, no one else will. If you do not tell them what you can do and what makes you unique, my friend, they won’t give you that job. If you do not ask for help you, will not get it. It is as simple as that. We have to break from that mentality of expecting things. Speaking of that…

4. Never think people will act according to your expectations

People are just people. It is not because we’re friends that I have to act the way you want me to. When you set high expectations on people you will simply be disappointed. In the same way, it is not because we do not get along or that I did something that did not please you that all I do is negative. When you qualify people as just capable of mediocre things, you limit their greatness and it affects your mood more than it affects theirs. Learn to accept things the way they come, and to see people as artist who have a new canvas every day. That way, you will always be surprised by the result of their actions, the art on their canvas.

5. #Privacy 

In a world of tweets, shares, and 👍, every one feels the need to post something. And it gets very personal at times. But I have learned this past year that not everything happening in your life is meant to be shared. Some things are meant to be kept personal at least for a certain period of time. There is a social pressure that comes with you exposing your whole life. But again everyone have their own ways of seeing things, and I am not here to force you to think the way I think. If you feel like you need to make us all part of your life, public and private, by all means. Do you boo 👊!

6. Determination is really key to success

Need I say more? I guess I will anyhow. Looking back at this year made me realize that the only thing that stands between you and the “You” you wish to become is your state of mind. Yes, finances may be a valid point to excuse why you are not there yet, but my question is “How far are you willing to go?” Get me right, do you realize that sometimes you will have to sacrifice nights of sleep, and even meals for that degree, that dream job, that business you want to start, that book you want to write, that house/ car you wish to buy.. or even things as simple as that restaurant meal you want to afford? It is only a matter of setting your mind to your goal and making a few sacrifices until you make it.

7. Comparison is the worst game out there

This will take a whole blog for me to explain And I plan on coming back to it. In the meantime, keep this in mind: You are not the next person, you have not been them and you will never be, stop comparing yourself to them at the risk of passing by your life.


This was long, I am glad you made it to the last part LOL. Of all the things I learned this year, the most important one was surely to enjoy the little things in life and to be grateful at every step of this journey.

I would love to know about some of the lessons you got from this past year. In the meantime I wish you all a wonderful, blessed and productive year


Mlle Gapfasoni

Photo: google image©


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