Umukenyezi: But What if?

What if, I do not cry when they take my baby saying I am a bad mom? Will you let them do without caring about how I feel? What if, tears do not flow on my cheeks when he rapes me? Will you tell me I was agreeing with him? What if, I do not …

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Umukenyezi: She is called woman

She was raped, tortured and abused She was told that she is nothing, and would probably be always used for pleasure;  She will live with her pain forever. But, she is still called woman. She is called woman, because she sometimes swims the deepest oceans, climbs the highest mountains, hides her pain. She is called …

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Umukenyezi : Mama

Cheers to the mothers out there and Maman Chris in particular ❤

Chronicles of a Third World Elite

She was a smart student, and not because all parents say they were. I actually stumbled upon some of her high school transcripts one day, and they were spotless. I was pleasantly surprised (not to say that I expected her to be dumb or anything). She could have become a scientist, an engineer, a doctor or something… if her mother hadn’t asked her to go to nursing school instead. She was the second (and most responsible, dare I say) child in a family of nine. Her single mum needed help – read, an extra income – to take care of the little ones. Therefore, she couldn’t afford an education that lasts “forever”, asking for money, instead of making it… so she “had” to get into the workforce as soon as possible. Besides, if she had been “too educated”, she probably would have “scared” potential husbands away: if people say that…

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