I saw Love, I did.

I saw it

For real I saw love.

When daddy and I where hugging at the airport I saw it, I felt it in my mom’s care…
I saw it in my brothers’ eyes and in each one of those I am privileged to call family.

I saw it.

Trust me I did…

When those I call friends came from various places to where I was, I felt it.

I felt it in the hugs, I felt it in the laughs. I even know what love sounds like.

It had various forms not just words and sweet names.. It can be the sound of the most unexpected things like somebody making breakfast for u or… A door opening to let somebody in..

I saw love.

Love entered my home. It was just like seeing the sun after a series of rainy days.. Or was it like finding a treasure after a long time searching?🙆 I can’t remember. But I saw it trust me..

Whether after a day with the little ones where I saw them playing with each other as long time best friends or in the effortlessly-made daily sacrifices my parents made for each other.

I saw love in the way Irakoze & Ndikumana a.k.a the Chikumanas talked about each other, the calls, the nicknames, the look in their eyes. I saw it, I did.

I heard love,

It was in the sound of the lake, in the ringing of a phone, in the voice calling to say “I am outside”, in the laughters, the jokes, the shades…


Love was there this whole time. It was just a matter of perspective.

I saw love and it gave me allergies, it may have brought something in the air because I had tears. I still do. Every time I see love, I grab my tissue and dry my face.

You must have seen love too, if not, I hope you do. Because these allergies, maan they are the best to have. I know it sounds silly, but trust me, look for love and you will thank me later.

-Mlle Gapfasoni

drawing 1
drawing 2

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