Back and better

Shamelessly checking in after 759 years lol

There comes a time in one’s life when things are confusing, blurry, when things do not make any sense at all. In such time, life is simply about waking up in the morning, seeing how the day goes by then going to sleep.
Most of the time one sleeps because it is the only thing that makes sense but mostly because it does not require any sort of energy.
There are days when the sunlight is too bright, the window too far to be opened, the people too loud, too questioning, the questions too invasive. So what does one do? Avoid human contact (if sleep is an option we take it).
Then there are times when we can’t sleep because maybe we’ve slept too much and our bodies won’t produce the (***insert the sleep hormone if existent lol). Or maybe is it because we are overthinking certain situations, life choices… We can’t sleep and it becomes frustrating because it was the only thing we could do.
What’s more frustrating though, is we do not realize what is happening to us and by the time we do, we can’t put it into words.
Then, everyone (or so it seems) starts asking what’s going on/wrong, but we don’t know and that gets even more frustrating.
If you’ve been there, you know what I mean. If you are still going through it, baby hang in there, the future looks bright. I am no doctor but I can guarantee it all sorts itself out in the end.
Adulting is hard sha who knew this is what we signed up for? Hoho, who signed us up for this? Smh
As of today, let’s agree to check on each other, not necessarily try to figure out anything but to simply lend an ear and some tissue (for the times when crying is an option). Let’s be each other’s voice of reason when our friends clearly can’t do it on their own, but most importantly let us be LOVING, in our words and actions.
As for me, I am back, hyped and my heart is happy.
I missed y’all big time ❤
How have you been?

– Gapfasoni


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