Christmas Chez nous : How I officially learned Santa may not be real

*** How I discovered Santa may not be bringing presents at home***

So, here is the thing,

I kind of already knew that the whole idea of :

an old man flying on reindeers

distributing gifts

to all the kids in the whole world

in just one night

did not make any sense at all. But hey, if it meant that I would get gifts as long as I pretended to believe in the guy, best believe a sister is gonna pretend. Besides my parents were (still are) really good when it came to giving gifts (mainly because they ask months in advance I guess)

The first part of the story takes place a between 2004-2006. I had only one sibling (K) that could understand the whole excitement around Christmas, the other one was still a newborn. The kid was super excited for he was beginning to read by himself. He would read any and everything, you know, just like every kid at that stage of life.

The thing is this time my parents were not the ones who packaged the gifts, they were packaged upon purchase. Very beautiful, and the gifts inside even more beautiful. The problem is, they (the people at the store) decided it was the perfect moment to put their stickers on the packages. Clever, I mean GENIUS.

So on the bright Christmas morning, we wake up excited to open the presents and see what Santa brought us. As I get mine I see the sticker, read it and officially decide I did not see it. My brother, the new reader, gets his and is very excited to read out loud:

“Ga-lle-rie A-lex-ander, ohhh Gallerie Alexander, izi zavuye Gallerie Alexander?! (these are from Gallerie Alexander) ”

Then he proceeds telling me how this whole time our parents have lied to us and Santa could not be true since these gifts are not from the North Pole but from a place we knew very well. I tried reasoning him saying that maybe this time Santa did not make enough gifts and he had to buy some on his way.. Nope the guy was too smart, and kept arguing his way out.

What he did not know was that once we agreed that he may not be real, the gift were to stop coming. And they did stop. Smh.

This is how I learned that Christmas was not about gifts but about family, love and memories.

Merry Christmas beautiful people,

Love, sunshine and warmth your way.

– Gapfasoni

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