Counting in french and all the little habits we are keeping

Hello beautiful people,

Happy new Year, Happy new decade!! I am writing today with an excitement for all that 2020 holds to say the least. Many of the blogs I read, videos I watched, people I’ve talked to, have a lot of expectation for the coming year/decade. Regardless of how long January felt to you, look at the bright side, February and now March took over and so will all the other following months.

CRAZYYY!!! Is what I find myself saying out loud when I think about this new decade we are stepping in. One where kids ( a.k.a moi and anyone else who has refused to grow up) will have to grow willingly or not. For once I am looking at the next 10 years and seeing them as one ( a big “one” that is).

I mean, when was the last time you looked at the next 10 years and they made sense, on top of not seeming far at all? If you ask this girl, the answer is clear: Never.

For the longest time, I lived in the “eventually”.. you know, that town right after “we will see when we get there”. But now, I am excited; excited to finally tackle all the highs and lows.

Don’t get me wrong I intend to keep my “Hakuna matata” mentality all the way; this time however, we will Hakuna matata on . the . move. I mean we made it this far without dying, we will for sure make it through, right?

But let’s face it: “was it hard?” Yeah!!// “did it feel like we were going to die at some point?For sure //  “How often did the feeling come?More than I can personnally count (*insert sigh) …. But are we still alive? Absolutely!!!

So, as a cool friend of mine would say : WE MOVE.

Promise me this, let’s move looking at the next 10 years as an exciting challenge rather than anxiety triggers. At the same time, let’s embrace and carry with us all the good/extra/odd/cool/interesting… things that the past 10 years taught us about ourselves. Basic is boring anywayFace with Rolling Eyes on Apple iOS 13.3

I intend to keep:

  • Laughing out Loud at tv shows without minding who is in the room with me;
  • Smiling/ laughing at people’s jokes ( especially when they are not funny, because well…they tried);
  • Counting in french regardless of how long I have been speaking in english (honestly I have owned how people look at me in a strange way when I jump from a conversation in english to : quatre cent cinquante-huit mille deux cent dix-neuf )
  • Owning my truth, accepting that no one owes me theirs and most importantly, acknowledging that the only person I owe that truth is myself. More on that later…

What are you keeping? I would love to knowHugging Face on Apple iOS 13.3

Cheers to the next 10 years, to finding ourselves, loving everything about us and finally walking head high into the great thing I like to call purpose.


Allez bisous,

Take care, okay?

– Mlle Gapfasoni

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