Well…So far, we’re good

September 2019,

I decide to take a small social media break (mainly IG) initially to focus on school. I wanted to put all my energy on essential stuff a.k.a school and work, to be able to make it wholly to my graduation. MY GRADUATION! Daaang the goal is soo close!!!

Ready? Set? Let the work begin!

December 2019,

Honestly Social media detox is doing wonders. Yes, I felt the need to go back online for the first few weeks but as of right now, I don’t think I will go back online for Christmas. It feels good to be able to spend time with friends and family, unbothered, unplugged, soaking in all the love and memories. As I reflect on 2019, I notice it has been without a doubt, a year of Love. My heart is beyond grateful. What will 2020 be?

January 2020,


A year of trust He said. One where I absolutely won’t make it if I lean on my own understanding. And boy is that true ! So many things have changed and through it all, I am reminded that He has got my back. I don’t know how He does it, and honestly I won’t mind if I never get to know. All I want is to continue to trust, even if it gets hard. I want to continue to let go when He asks me to, even when it is the last thing I want to do.

I heard something the other day: “If God can bring a dead body back to life, what makes you think He is not able to manage a living one ?” Wheeew !  OK God, the volume is good over here.

April 30th 2020,

Wawundi who is mainly known as Papa Gapfasoni, used to tease me saying that for all he knows, I may be making this whole school stuff up. He has never seen me in class, or studying. Every time he calls and I tell him I am about to go to class, it is for a 7-10 pm class, an odd/impossible timing if you ask him. Now that graduations may not happen because of Covid19, how am I going to explain that I actually went to school?

Tough times… #Sendhelp

May 1st 2020,

My favorite angel celebrated his 1st year in Heaven. What a beautiful way to start the best month of the year! It stings a little thinking that he won’t be able to see the first Uni graduation of his direct grandchildren. Well, at least now he will have the best seat to look at all our wins.


19 days from now, a new chapter will begin. The way my God works, I am very much excited for all the wonderful things he holds in store for me. As I practice gratitude, I also try to enjoy all that the present holds instead of just looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

Not perfect, but progressing” – Michael Todd

Allez, bisous ♥

Catch you soon

– Gapfasoni

6 thoughts on “Well…So far, we’re good

  1. I gotta say: this piece was very pleasant to read Titi. Very pleasant. I laughed at your dad questioning your schooling kuko neza mine would ask me: “ayo mashure y’ijoro yo ni aya hehe?”
    and I joined you on the social media break need! Simply loved reading this.

    Liked by 1 person

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