Open letter: Level 23

Hey baby,

You know we’ve been feeling all sorts of love this past month (to say the least). I am writing to you just so I don’t forget to highlight all the many things we are thankful for.

One of the things I am grateful I learned, is that the body speaks. I mean, I knew how to pick up on certain clues like being tired, hungry or fed up… you know the usual stuff. I am grateful I learned it can tell you much more. You know, that the muscle ache is actually stress you did not deal with for example.

The most beautiful thing was hearing my heart tell me to give it time. And boy was it worth it!!

So Dear Heart,

Thank you! For speaking and for reminding me that the best things take time. Thank you for allowing me to see that you were already working, God was already healing, mending, transforming and all I needed was just to give it time. I am excited for all you and I will be learning on this new level.

Dear God,

Yet again you showed me you are working, yet again you showed me understanding was not important but remembering you got me was. Did I struggle to unlearn “wanting to do it all by myself” ? Yep, and I probably will again tomorrow🤷🏾‍♀️.

I will crawl back to you and remind myself that this whole standard of perfection I want to be on, is a scam. We’re progressing: All day, Everyday. Also God, thank you for the wonderful friends and family you gave me. You really showed off by creating these gems.

Dear Wonderful people in my life,

Chances are, I have told you more than once that you are straight from Heaven. If not, here it is: YOU are a beautiful package, made in Heaven. I am grateful God chose you to be in my life, and me in yours. I hope you know you are a vessel God uses to bring joy, comfort, love, challenge, wisdom and understanding into my life. Ndabakunda, each of you personally ❤️❤️❤️.

Now Dear 23rd version of Gapfasoni,

Girlfriend this whole feeling of gratitude suits you soo well, I suggest we keep it on this new level.

If there is anything you should remember to pack for the journey, let it be Ubuntu. Take it wherever you go, carry it in your speech and actions.

Make sure you keep a good amount of sunshine with you, enough to give to people along the way.

As for any last remarks, Romans 8:28 sums it up. Bishops Timon and Pumba say it well too tho: Hakuna Matata! It means no worries for the rest of your days…it’s a problem-free philosophy.

Cheers to sunshine and gratitude, to living and loving, to evolving and being whole.

Cheers to this new chapter unfolding.

–  Gapfasoni ❤️

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