Loading…Pending…Moved to the trash

Hey y’all

How has it been? Has your summer been as magic as it should have, or was it just a sequence of uneventful days going by, one after the other? This girl has had an amazing few months since the last time I wrote. I may write about it, maybe not, who knows 🤷🏾‍♀️ I guess you’ll know when it is uploaded.

Now ironically, as much as this summer has been one of fun, it has also been one of self reflection (deep things alert). Listen, after all the high from a trip with friends, there would also be moments of deep thinking. You know those ones of planning life goals and feeling all the anxiety from it right? Been there, done that.

Let’s dive deeper, and get more vulnerable shall we? I am sometimes scared to pray that prayer, make that move, or step in that direction because I know the result is going to be amazingly great. Crazy right?! I know !! I can’t even make sense of it a few days later, but right in the moment, the weight of the responsability wins over the realization of how much of a blessing the product will be.

So what do I do? Wait long enough until I forget or until the voice in my head is not as loud anymore. Loading…. Sometimes I attempt to work on it, mention it in my prayers, make half a step, and I pause mid way when it gets too overwhelming. Pending… Sometimes the only tangible solution to this mess is to avoid it, ignore it, or in better words, move it to the trash.

One can only avoid the call for sometimes though, sooner or later, a move will have to be made. See, the way faith works, it has to be followed by works, just ask James 2: 17. This blog is as much a push to action as it is a tight hug to remind you got it. It is also an unofficial announcement that something amazing is in preparation. I am excited and can’t wait to share it with y’all.

So tell me, what have you been ignoring? Who have you refused to talk to? What is it that has been on your heart, and that you keep silencing?

Remember this:

YOU are a very important piece in this universe, your voice matters and so do your opinions, insights, art, thoughts on life….EVERYTHING.

You have all the strenght you need for the task ahead of you, however huge it may seem.

Stay safe and sane,

Allez bisous,

– Mlle Gapfasoni

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