October happened

October was something. Something not as happy as we hoped for, something quite unhappy in fact.

October taught me to cherish the moments with the people we love, to live life to the fullest. It taught me to wake up and seize the day with the energy and determination we owe the people who did not get that grace; waking up.

October taught me that, life can be beautiful, then ugly in a matter of a second.

October said, be kinder to people because you really do not know what storms they are facing.

October taught me that, just like when it is raining the sea seems to not be moving, but on a random sunny day, you see the biggest waves, storms can somehow be silent.

I learned that age does not equal wisdom and that the youngest people can sometimes be the wisest.

October really was something.

But then November came, it was kinder on us. It was not perfect, just a little kinder.

November taught me to be resilient. It said, get up slow, but get up still.

The pain did not disappear but I learned to move with it. November also carried a touch of grace and a whole lot of love.

December was a little ray of sunshine. You know, the kind that brings light and warmth.

I was reminded once more that family, near or far is by far the best gift one has been given.

January, brought a fresh air. I thought it would be completely different though. I thought the new year, will erase all the memories from previous pains, but it didn’t. The pain did not disappear but I still managed to move with it.

February, was magical. I reached a milestone in my personal life. But I never got to tell you about it. Please tell me you saw it, tell me you got happy and said a “Yoo!! That’s crazy!!” or any other thing that’s so you.

March was crazier. Not in actions but in planning. Lots of planning, who knew I was an adult making adult decisions ? Not me *Insert sigh

Now April came. Then April 9th came and I wasn’t sure I was ready. Ready for your first birthday in heaven, ready to re-watch for the 1000th time, videos of you laughing, dancing, living.

I was not ready to not be able to send you a DM, call you, or maybe just ask you what you want as an Uber order today. I was not ready for today, and to be honest nothing could have prepared any of us for it.

I am sure the pain will not disappear, but you would still want us to move with it.

But hey, I hope you teach them how to have fun in heaven. Maybe even drop bars the way you know how. Please, please have fun today, and the whole month ushatse.

Happy 1st birthday away my love! I am saving all the hugs I could have given you, until I can give them to you turikumwe.

October taught me to cherish the moments with the people we love, to live life to the fullest. It taught me that truly, life is to be lived in the present.

– Gapfasoni


7 thoughts on “October happened

  1. You just made me realize how fast time moves, but also how slow it moves. October feels like yesterday, but it also feels so far away considering what happened in between. Time is indeed a weird thing in this life.
    Happy Birthday to him ❤ !

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  2. Davy G

    I don’t know how I feel after reading you but I’m mainly leaving with this:
    Truly, life is to be lived in the present!!
    Je te fais un gros calin plein d’amour Ti… To Dan 🥂❤

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