For the longest time I have been encouraged by my friends to start a blog or have a platform where I could share some of my stories. Obviously I have avoided it, dismissed their messages or simply accepted just to make them happy but I ended up not doing anything because yeah I am shy… (dear friends kindly dismiss this message, thank you) . Seriously tho, I am shy. And even if I do not show it, under this smiling, very enthusiastic and open minded girl, under this very confident young lady the one who laughs her face off regardless of what people think, lies a girl who does not like to open up or let people see what is inside of her. I guess the word was Reserved *sigh*.

Welcome to the world of a reserved girl it’s going to be a journey  where you’ll get to explore those places in my brain I do not usually share, read about those things that are so dear to me. We’ll also take a trip together and try to discover what this world has to offer.

With Love,

Mlle Gapfasoni


©JNN Photography





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