light at the end of the tunnelKomezamahoro!! Yes that was your name. Young, Innocent, killed.
Ntungane! That’s another one of your names. Young , Innocent, killed.
Claudia! Young, innocent, orphaned.
Prince,  Eva, Chris, young innocent and exiled.
Laurie, Stephan, Carole,  young innocent scared even more, terrified.
Muco doesn’t trust anyone,
Gatore doesn’t want to grow up
Jake was left alone with his sister Kate who is still waiting for the policeman to bring back their father.
Ntwari oh Ntwari he wants to go out in the streets and fight
Ncuti just doesn’t believe how people can be that cruel.
Kwizera thinks this will end soon but his friend Karire has lost all hope.
Marco dreams about a better Burundi where he’s gonna have a roof on top oh his head.
Ntore learned how to be a parent at the age of 12.
Little Mary got pregnant while living in the refugee camp now  she’s 14 and a mum
Baby Joseph was born in a prison he is now 5 and has no idea of what the outside looks like.
All of them are familiar to guns, and some don’t know what a quiet night sounds like.
They don’t know the meaning of safety, they have never actually seen how beautiful were their country. They are scared, they have hatred growing in them.

Then there’s Gapfasoni who wonders why.
Why all these things are happening,
Why her little brothers and sisters are experiencing this
Why her big brothers and sisters are not doing a thing. Or maybe is it because they are scared as well.
Gapfasoni wonders why people don’t react,
Why they are waiting on somebody else to act
Why people want to get to progress before they spend time with unity and work
Why everybody is just thinking about themselves.

She wonders how long it is gonna last
How long it is gonna be until our baby brothers and sisters finally get to know that we the big bros and big sis have them in mind
That we are gonna do what we can to make them meet a new friend Freedom, his brothers Safety and work , his sisters Unity and Love.

All that so we can be Intungane and dukomeze amahoro in our country.

-Thiena Corlie Gapfasoni

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